Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Fridays: Open House Garden Tour

Mother's Day 2011 by the pond
I already showed you the inside and outside of our apartment here, but I thought I'd do one more quick photo tour of the gardens and parks in our apartment complex. We are very blessed to live in a complex with nice grounds, as it makes it easier to live in such a big city. Especially, living here with two very busy and active little boys.
Mother's Day 2011 in front of bamboo

Andrew walking around the complex

On a bridge over the pond

Mother's Day 2011 by the palm trees in front of the pond

Father's Day 2011 throwing sticks

Playing in the meadow

"Rock climbing"

More "rock climbing"

Complex park

Little friend

Getting dirty

In the sand


Playing with little friends outside

Throwing flowers by the exercise park

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