Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easy Heart Wreath (No Hot Glue Required)

I've seen a lot of cute Valentine's wreaths on the internet, but most of them require the use of a hot glue gun, which I don't have. So I came up with a different way to make a tissue paper heart wreath, without any hot glue.

Easy Tissue Paper Heart or Heart Wreath

  • thin cardboard
  • pink or red tissue paper
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • ribbon (optional)
  1. Cut the thin cardboard into a heart shape whatever size you like. If you want a wreath, cut a heart shape out of the middle of the larger heart.
  2. Use the hole punch to bunch holes all over the heart shaped cardboard, about 1–2 inches apart.
  3. Cut 3–5 inch squares of tissue paper.
  4. Take a square of tissue paper and twist it a little in the middle and stick in one of the holes. Repeat until the whole heart is covered with fluffy tufts of tissue paper.
  5. You can add a ribbon if you like for hanging on the wall.


  1. I thought it looked like you used tulle instead of tissue paper!!! It's awesome! I'm going to make one, or more!!! Thanks tons!

    1. The tissue paper stuff that I used for this project was a little different. It is almost like a cross between tissue paper and non-woven material. Here in China they use this a lot for around floral arrangements. I really liked how this looked, but regular tissue should work quite well too.

  2. I love it! I just made one in less than 10 minutes, so quick and easy, thank you!


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