Monday, June 30, 2014

Mandarin Mondays: Loving Smile (The Chinglish Files)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mandarin Mondays: To Spend Together (The Chinglish Files)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Aaron!

How did he get to be six years old already?

Aaron had a very full and fun birthday here, but is still really looking forward to his family party with the grandparents next weekend!

Waking up to balloons and his brothers singing

Talking to the grandparents and opening treats

Fun lunch

Popped the bubbly for the birthday lunch

Opening presents (Travel chess, thanks Grandma Lorna!)


Busy bags for the plane

Baby likes chess too. (And you can see a little of the play mats for the trip.)

One boy came over in the afternoon for cake

He stayed for quite a while playing with the boys

He brought this giant bear and a music box as very unexpected presents. 

Played animal charades; its a good bilingual game. (Aaron the snake)

Andrew the bee (stinging everyone with his bottom, also unexpected)

This boy was such a nice kid and seemed like he had fun.
(Or at least found us amusing)

He made a balloon hat for baby;
baby liked wearing it this way.

Chicken nugget dinner

Thanks Grandma Lorna!

Then we invited the little girl who comes over a lot over for cake.
And six girls (on roller blades which made them
feel like there were 12 of them) came.

They calmed down to a dull (giggly) roar
once we asked them to take off their roller blades.
We bought a musical firework candle that are popular here
and all the kids liked it.

The girls sang, ate cake, played for a few minutes,
and then put their roller blades back on and
ran down the stairs and out to their homes.
The boys had fun having friends over.

Then Aaron beat daddy in chess using his new travel chess game.

Lastly the much anticipated treasure hunt

Daddy is making a chess game with the best chess AI out there,
and it is going have all kinds of levels and graph how the game is going.
Aaron was very excited to see the start of it. 

Happy Birthday Aaron!
Aaron BiRthday Haqpy sign made by Andrew
(actually great copying for a 4 year old)


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