Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Fridays: Baby Number 3

So, we officially moved to our new apartment last weekend and have been really busy with the moving process. I'll post pictures of the new place and tell more about moving once we are a little more settled in.

But we have some even bigger news that we're ready to announce now, we're expecting baby number 3, due early October! I'm nearing the end of my first trimester, and my first prenatal appointment at a Chinese hospital went well. My Chinese friend who went with me is convinced that baby number 3 has exactly the same profile as Nate and the boys. Some strong family traits shining through, I guess. I was also slightly relieved to learn that Aaron's wish for thirteen brothers and sisters to be inside my tummy at once didn't come true, and there is just one healthy baby inside.

The baby and I are very healthy. I have been having some nausea and fatigue, but I am not as nauseous as with Aaron and not as tired as with Andrew, so overall this pregnancy has been the easiest. I wouldn't have chosen to have to move during my first trimester, but at least it was a close and convenient move.

Aaron and even Andrew have been helping more and more around the house. Aaron can hang up a whole load of diapers by himself pretty quickly now, and he takes his role in helping me make sure we don't run out of clean diapers or clean underwear very seriously. He is also realizing that the more he helps me out the more likely it is that I will have enough energy to be able to make some sort of "extra" food, like dessert or ranch dressing, or be able to read or play with him more. Andrew can set the table and help get me an orange or banana if I'm feeling sick. Having some extra little helpers this time is making the pregnancy easier for me and Nate as well, who also helps out even more around the house when I'm not feeling the best.


  1. Yay!!! Congrats!!!!! What is it going to be like to give birth in China?!?!?!

    1. Thanks! We're all happy. It will be different to deliver here, but I think we're going to have a good relationship with the hospital, so I think it will go well.

  2. Congratulations! Are you going to a regular Chinese hospital or a foreign one? I hope the later as you'll find it more like what you are used to...I don't have that option where I live and am getting nervous as I'm 34 weeks and they want to do a c-section now. If you didn't alreay know, they are very pro c-section as it brings in more money and lessens the chance that women will get pregnant again.
    I *hope* all goes well with your pregnancy and that your boys continue to be great helpers! We almost ended up moving last month, too, but after moving last year and the fact we'll have to do it again when our house is completed in 3-4 years, we decided to just pay more for rent and stay put.
    take care!

    1. I'm sorry you're having trouble with your hospital. I hope all ends up going well with your delivery as well.

      I do know that they are very pro c-section in general here. The hospital we've chosen is a small Chinese hospital, but it is quite unique in that they have a very low c-section rate (lower than the US national average in fact) and are also pro early breastfeeding. Their more natural stance I believe actually comes from the fact that they are mainly serve lower income women. However, we know the administration and they aren't trying to get a lot of money out of us either.

      I think what they really want is pictures of a happy pregnant foreigner, and later pictures of a happy foreigner and her foreign baby, and their doctors. This would be quite valuable to them and I think they'd do a lot to make sure we're happy.


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