Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Fridays: Open House Outside Tour

Entrance gate to our apartment complex

Last week I gave you a tour of the inside of our apartment here. This week I am going to give you a quick picture tour of walking into the apartment complex to our home and our little backyard.
Bamboo to greet you
Once you walk just a little further the
city noise begins to fade.
Look to your left and you'll see Walmart in the distance;
that is our building on the right in this picture.
Look to the right and you'll see the stairs
leading up to the park area,
and way in the distance you can see the
western hills that help frame in the city.
Walk down over a foot bridge.
There is a little man-made stream.
The one grassy area in the complex where all the kids play.
It's right outside door, which is really nice.
Here is our building.
Our apartment is on the first of seven floors.
A lot of buildings are seven floors here,
because after seven you are
required to install an elevator.
Here is a better view of the front of our apartment.
Now quick run through the house.
Here is the view of the back of the fire station
and another larger apartment complex
that we see out of our back door.
Our back balcony, clothes dyer, and yard.
My tiny garden.
Pretty rose
Yea, we are starting to get grass for the boys to play in.
Looking back at our house from the yard.

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