Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinosaur Themed Preschool Craft Idea: Dinosaur Reconstruction

We're studying dinosaurs this month and doing some fun crafts to go along with our theme. For this project the boys got to reconstruct a paper dinosaur skeleton. You can print out your own dinosaurs and skeletons from my free dinosaur printables available here.

Preschool (or Tot-school) Craft Idea: Dinosaur Reconstruction

  • Dinosaur skeleton drawn or printed out and then cut into pieces
  • A piece of paper or a dinosaur coloring page drawn or printed out
  • School glue (homemade works great!) or glue sticks
  • Q-tips to spread the glue if desired
  • Markers or crayons if desired
  1. Assemble supplies.
  2. I let the boys color the dinosaur coloring pages while I cut out the skeletons, but this is optional.
  3. Give the children the skeleton pieces and glue (or glue sticks), and have them glue and arrange the pieces to reconstruct the dinosaur skeleton how they think it should look.
Using plain paper makes this a more open-ended project, and using a coloring sheet to match the skeleton pieces to adds a degree of direction and complexity. My 20-month-old just enjoyed gluing the pieces wherever, but my three-year-old really liked building the dinosaur in the coloring sheet so it looked more like a real dinosaur.
    Brachiosaurus skeleton cut apart
    Brachiosaurus skeleton I drew

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