Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Fridays: Open House

Living Room
Hi everyone, come on in! We're having an open house today. In celebration of getting the last of our furniture, I got the house (virtually) completely clean and took pictures of it all for you to see.

To your left, you will see the living room. We finally decided to get regular couches after we kept searching for a comfortable, affordable, and not hideous looking foldout couches and finding none.
Aaron playing in the front Window
We got the couches at the second hand furniture market. They are quite comfortable and seem to be in really good condition. All of the covers come off and can be washed separately, which is a really nice feature. The couch is way more comfortable than most beds here, so we'll just get air mattresses or foam mattresses when we have more than one visitor.

Living areas from the front window
The boys love to play in the front window, especially on sunny days. It does make it a little like living in a fishbowl though, when everyone looks in at us through the big windows all of the time.

Here is the view from the window looking back at the living and dining rooms.

Here is the kitchen. I really appreciate that we have two gas burners, a large toaster oven, a fridge that is about two-thirds the size of a standard US fridge, and a double sink. Each of these features is double the capacity of what we had in our last apartment in China. Except for the sink, which is infinitely more (because previously we had no kitchen sink). It makes cooking much more convenient. Also the fact that there are cabinets and they are somewhat attractive is a feature that is very nice and somewhat hard to come by here as well.

Cute Andrew reading in his room

Boys beds
Here is the boys room that we painted "little boy blue." They like it a lot and have lots of fun playing in there.
Boys' toys and computer

Pink sink and me in the mirror
Shower, washing machine, toilet

This is the bathroom. Unique special features in this bathroom are a western toilet, a shower that isn't open to the whole room, a small tub in the shower stall, a place to hook up the washing machine, and an extremely pink sink (but we like it because it does have some storage underneath, which is almost nonexistent here).
Nate working

The last room to show you is our bedroom. Nate has his computer desk in here as well.

Bed and hallway
Well that's it for now! Come back another time, and I'll show you around the the backyard and the gardens in our apartment complex.

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