Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Fridays: Family Fun

Nate's summer break has flown by. Both Nate and I had important projects that we had to work on for part of it, and finished those early this week. We've done lots of fun things with the kids over the summer too, but wanted to make these last few days of our summer break family fun days. Some grandparents wanted to still be able to spoil the boys from afar and sent some extra fun money too, so we used a little of that for some special fun things for the boys too.

Thursday we went to KFC and got ice cream and chicken nuggets. Sadly, the play place was out of commision because they were cleaning the floor that day and the mats hadn't been put back together, but I think the boys had almost as much fun playing with the automatic sink and hand dryer. We also let the boys ride some of the little play vehicles behind Walmart and play a game of wack-a-mole. They both really like these rides and this game, although Andrew would rather play with the moles than wack them. After that, we had to do some grocery shopping, but we got a small set of lego-like toys at Walmart. The boys have been having lots of fun building towers and cars with their new blocks.

On Friday, I made pizza for lunch and sloppy joes for dinner. Nate wanted to eat all of the coleslaw by himself in one sitting, but managed to restrain himself. We also got some popcorn and popped it on the stove for our family movie night. We had lots of fun watching Piglet's Big Movie together. We like that it weaves in some of the original stories by A. A. Milne that Aaron loves to read to over and over.

We've also just spent lots of time playing and reading together around the house. We'll see what other fun things we are able to do as a family before Nate has to go back to class on Monday.

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