Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Nate wanted a quiet day at home to just enjoy our family. I tried something new and made homemade hash browns for breakfast, along with cinnamon rolls. Nate loves hash browns and these turned out really well. Aaron even liked them, even though they were out of his routine of yogurt and granola.

We talked to Nate's family in America via Skype. Then we gave Nate some treats we made, wrapped in wrapping paper the boys made. Aaron also read Nate the ebook we made about Daddy, Go, Dad. Go! Aaron doesn't quite grasp the surprise present idea yet, so Nate already knew about this present. It was adorable all the same to see our, not quite three-year-old, reading an entire ebook we made to his daddy..

We had a great lunch of homemade lasagna and triple chocolate cake. Then we headed outside to play. The boys had a wonderful time running, climbing, finding rocks, and throwing sticks in the ponds. We had a traditional Chinese dinner with friends later that evening.

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