Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pasteurized Milk

There is a big debate going on now over raw versus pasteurized and homogenized milk. While I think that a good clean source or raw milk is probably healthier in most cases, there may be times if you are purchasing raw milk you may wish to pasteurize it. Especially if the cleanliness of the source is in question or you are serving someone with a compromised immune system, the very young, or the elderly. Pasteurization can also improve the quality and lifespan when making some other dairy products.

Pasteurization can be done easily right on your stove top by heating the milk in a clean thick bottomed saucepan or double boiler to 160°F and keeping it that temperature for at least 15–20 seconds. Stirring frequently will help prevent the milk from scalding. The milk can then be cooled and used as normal. Milk does not have to be boiled to be pasteurized and doing so and then cooling it may alter the taste and texture of the milk.

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