Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Fridays: Uh-Oh, No-No

"Uh-oh, no-no" is Andrew's new favorite thing to say. Andrew has recently learned to nod and shake his head. He is also trying out new words almost every day. This stage is so fun because he is starting to be able to communicate so much more. But (at least with my precocious boys) this increased ability to communicate also seems to come with the "N" word: no-no. They both seem to realize that there is power in words and wanting some of the power that  comes with saying "no-no."

I can distinctly remember asking Aaron, at this same age, if he wanted ice cream and hearing him say, "no-no-no," while gobbling it all up. Andrew hasn't said "no" to ice cream quite yet, but he has specifically asked for a Pooh or a Thomas video (which he loves) and then the second it is turned on started shaking his head and saying "no-no."

I am working on being patient and remembering the extreme cuteness that he has also recently developed when he asks for something and then nodding "yes-yes," while emphatically signing "please" with both hands. Also, maybe his negative side will begin to fade early, like it did with his brother. And thankfully by grace it seems that just as one boy begins to be more difficult in a certain area, the other is beginning to be easier to deal with.

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