Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Fridays: 35 Weeks (Pregnancy Update)

I am doing fine and have no real health problems, but I am definitely getting to the part of the pregnancy where I am big and slow. I can still do most things just fine, but slower. Nate and the boys have been helping me with even more things around the house again. On the upside, I haven't felt nauseous for quite a while.

I had a prenatal visit today and everything was fine and boring, which is actually a really good thing at this point. The only funny thing was that they told me my baby was too active, so I should sleep on my left side. Sleeping on the left side is the best for blood flow, and the baby doesn't like it when I lay on my back like at the prenatal visit, so it gets mad and starts kicking. However, I'm not sure a baby could really be too active or that laying on the left side will make it less so. Oh well, at least someone is small and fast, even if it isn't me.

We also pretty much finished up getting ready for baby this week. I finished stocking the freezer. Some friends came over to find out all they needed to know to watch the boys during D-day. I finished up sewing some new cloth diapers, wipes, and small covers for the new baby. And we picked up disposable diapers, special snacks, and the last few other things we'll all need around D-day. I'm glad because I really wanted to be basically ready before my husband heads back to classes next week. We'll all be really glad to meet the new baby on the outside in a few weeks.

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  1. You look great! I am 34 weeks this week and got the full waddle thing going. :/ I feel so unprepared this go around even though there really isn't much to be done. It's a strange feeling really. I told my husband yesterday that up to this point if I contracted it was a mission-- get contractions to stop. But from here-ish on out if contractions start it's more of the "is this really it?" mission. I think that is what I am dreading most.

  2. I jumped over here from In A Shoe...good for you making your own cloth diapers! Did you make fitteds?

  3. Yay, for a boring appointment and being ready for baby. I hope these last weeks go quickly for you.

    I found your blog at my joy filled life pregnancy journal link up.


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