Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Family Outings

The boys have been continuing to work hard doing their summer fun school program to earn their daily treats and weekly outings. Their favorite treat to pick has become suckers that are shaped like tiny feet, but have much better flavors.

The last two weeks we've tried to take the boys to a little kids swimming pool that we heard about, but that option isn't going to work out. We may have Nate try to take the boys to a bigger pool nearby that is supposed to be pretty good, but we'll see.

So instead the past two weeks we've done two mini outings, instead of one big thing. Last week we had a picnic and made s'mores and also took the boys to KFC for ice cream and play place time. This week we found a new playground and did KFC again. The boys are still little enough that these were still major highlights for them and they had a great time. We've really been enjoying our family time together this summer.

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