Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper City

For a little extra gift for Aaron's third birthday, I printed and cut out this neat paper city from Made by Joel, who has a lot of simple ideas for making things for children. As a guy who makes things for his son and daughters, he has some unique ideas I haven't seen before. This is kind of like paper dolls, but for boys too. You could even pair this with new crayons, markers, or paints for a more complete gift. You could also give an older child a pair of scissors and let them cut it out themselves.

It would also be cool draw your own. You could make your own paper home, city, and family for your children to play with. Maybe I could do this in time for Christmas.

At the very least, it is a neat rainy day activity that will keep a preschooler entertained for quite a while. It also packs up small for a traveling activity.

The only problem with a paper city right now is that baby can destroy it like Godzilla. So for right now, it is an activity for Aaron to do while Andrew naps. But that is good too because it is a nice quiet activity.

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