Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy One-Dish Dinner: Complete Potato Salad

This is an easy, one-dish summer meal. It combines egg, potato, and green salad into a one-dish meal. Like green eggs and ham, we want to eat it everywhere in the summer.

Greens, Egg, and Potato Salad

4–6 medium potatoes washed, chopped, and boiled (you can peel them if you like, I am generally to lazy to peel things, and besides I like the extra nutrients found in eating whole foods)
8 eggs boiled and chopped
1 head of romaine lettuce washed and torn, half a bag of washed spinach, or your choice of salad greens
mayonnaise, ranch dressing, French dressing, or Italian dressing to coat the salad

Prepare the potatoes and eggs and refrigerate until cool. Mix with greens, and then coat with dressing of your choice.

This dish is best eaten right away, although I have saved leftovers and eaten them the next day, and the salad was still good.

I would eat this here or there. I would eat this anywhere.

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