Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Scrap Wreath

This is another way to use tiny scraps of fabric to make something beautiful for your home. It is a smaller project than the fabric scrap garland, taking less time and scraps. Again, if you did a lot of seasonal sewing you could make a wreath for every season or holiday for free, if you felt like it.

Homemade Fabric Scrap Wreath

  • Wire hanger bent into a round shape, florist wire coiled to make a small circle and loop to hang, or a very small/thin wreath form
  • Fabric scraps cut into small strips (I think 1" by 5" to 6" works best)
  • Extra embellishments (ribbon, buttons, etc.)

Simply tie the fabric strips around the wreath form you have chosen in single or double knots. Continue tying fabric strips, spacing out the colors and patterns fairly evenly, until you like how full the wreath is.  Add any extra embellishments you like, I tied a green fabric tie and sewed a button on this particular wreath. Hang it up, and enjoy your new decoration.

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