Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Train Themed Preschool Craft: Shape Train

Similar to our shape dinosaurs, we made shape trains for our train unit last month. I used a Walmart ad instead of construction paper, to save paper. This time I also let Aaron cut out some of his own shapes free form with preschool scissors. He did surprisingly well, and it was additional fine motor skill practice.

Train Themed Preschool (or Tot School) Craft: Shape Train

  • Paper or coloring sheets 
  • Shapes cut out of construction paper (or already colored on paper or ads)
  • Glue sticks or glue (homemade glue works great!)
  • Preschool scissors for an older child to cut (optional)
You can choose how much freedom or direction your child has with this activity. A coloring page and shapes to match is the most directed way; whereas blank paper and a vast choice of shapes (or even letting them cut their own) is much more opened ended. Both have benefits. Whatever method of doing this activity, the goal is to help the child recognize the shapes and colors they see and how they fit together to form pictures.

You can do this shape craft with just about any theme. You can see more details of shape crafts and more ways to do them in this post about our Shape-a-saurus crafts.

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