Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Scrap Garland

This is a great way to use up a ton of tiny scraps of fabric. If you do a lot of seasonal sewing, you might be able to make a garland for each season or holiday if you wanted to. This project is so easy; the only skill required is knot tying. My husband helped with this garland a little bit and Aaron, our three-year-old, really wanted to help. He tried to tie knots for a while, so it was good practice at least. An older child could easily do this project all by themselves.

Homemade Scrap Garland

  • Fabric scraps cut into short strips (I think 1" by about 5" or 6" works best)
  • A piece of rope, string, or fabric cut longer than you want your finished garland to be (I used a clean old pair of tights cut into a long strip, over 12 feet long, for this garland)
  • Optional embelishments

Tie the rope or long fabric strip to two chairs or two hooks on the wall to make it easy to tie on the shorter pieces. Begin tying the shorter strips in a single or double knot along the length of the rope. I didn't use any particular pattern, but I did try to space out the colors and patterns fairly evenly along the length of the garland. Continue to fill in the short pieces until you feel like the garland looks full enough. Trim the ends of the rope if necessary and tie in a loop or knot to keep the shorter pieces from slipping off of the ends. Tie on any other embellishments you like (ornaments, ribbons, old spools, etc.). Hang up, or use as you would any garland.

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