Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Train Themed Preschool Activity: Island of Sodor Sensory Play

We've had so much fun with our train unit that once again I didn't get to write about all the things we did during the month of our unit study. The boys play with trains a lot every day, but this was one way I changed things up a little for this unit.

Train Themed Preschool Activity: Giant Island of Sodor Play Mat

  • Blue blanket
  • Some green felt or other green fabric
  • Train tracks
  • Trains
I have constructed more elaborate play mats for each boy, but for this activity I wanted to keep things simple, fast, and reusable. So I just laid down a large blue fleece blanket we already had. After quickly consulting my Island of Sodor map, I put some green fabric I cut out on top.  I then helped them find their train tracks and trains to bring to the island. I helped them set up the tracks and start playing. I asked about the colors and numbers on the trains for a while, and then just let them make up adventures with their trains. Both boys played for a long time with this very simple activity.

This activity is good for reviewing basic numbers and colors, as well as simply encouraging imaginative play.

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