Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Unit Study: Train Up a Child

We've been having lots of fun adding unit studies into our days here, with America the Beautiful in July, D is for Dinosaur in August, and now Train Up a Child in September. We had so much fun with our dinosaurs it took me a while to find time to write about it all. If possible we've been having even more fun with trains the last couple of weeks.

My boys love Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and we like that the stories promote good values. So I decided to do a whole month of train preschool activities, as well as focusing on positive morals to be learned from the engines and their stories.

I made up a calendar with one train, color, and verse for each day. I used some of these pictures and some from other sites. We talk about these things each day at breakfast. I also like this ten commandment train, and the verse on the Engine is our memory verse for this month. When I put the train stuff up on the fridge, you would have thought that it was their birthday all over again. The boys were so excited on September 1st.

I refilled the clearbook we used for dinosaurs with train themed preschool worksheets and activities so that the boys can use them again and again. I used some pages from this tot kit, this tot book, and this spelling train for our clearbook. The boys have been having lots of fun with these activities.

Apparently we aren't the only ones who love trains as other people have lots of fun ideas for train themed activities. As we have time this month, we'll work in some of these extra fun things and maybe come up with some more of our own ideas.

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