Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Friday: Amazing Andrew

Andrew is at a really fun stage now. He is saying new words almost everyday and starting to use short sentences. Andrew loves hearing and telling stories now. One of his favorite stories is David and Goliath, which he calls Bump, Bump for the bumping sound Goliath might have made when he walks. He tells the story so sweetly. We want to catch it on video, but he usually doesn't cooperate.

His rendition usually goes something like this:

Bump, bump (Goliath)
tall, and holds a hand over his head (Goliath was tall)
choose man, holding hand over his mouth to make deep voice (choose a man to fight me)
rock (stones)
round (sling went round)
Bump, bump (Goliath)
down (fell down)
God win (God helped David win)
Hooray, holds hand up in the air (the people were glad!)

He is also starting to say words on his flashcards much more consistently. We'll see if this continues; it might be the start of him really reading.

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