Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Fridays: Playplace Fun

Today, a friend of ours needed help babysitting a little girl named Zoe. Our friend was unexpectedly asked to babysit and needed some help because she had to go to work. Our friend felt really bad asking for help although it was no big deal to us. However, I think we may have ended up getting the better deal because our friend insisted on treating all three kids to a playplace for the morning and pizza for lunch. Zoe was generally very easy going and all three kids had a really fun time. Here are some pictures from the cool playplace.

Cozy coupe
Giant bouncing balls and crawling tunnel
Andrew and Zoe riding cars
Aaron and Zoe playing in the plant sand
Andrew climbing
Aaron about to go down the car slide
Aaron swinging all by himself
Slide and ball pit
Zoe and Aaron on the teeter-totter
Andrew riding a green horse
Aaron jumping on the trampoline
Look at the giant Fly, Pooh, Bounce, Pig, and Your
The kids loved the tiny western potty,
having to flush it by scooping water from the bucket
seemed to just make it more fun for them

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