Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Handcrafted Wedding Favors: Delicate Crocheted Bookmarks

Another of my favorite wedding favors that we gave away at our wedding were these beautiful crocheted bookmarks. I can crochet, but since I was already sewing my wedding dress and doing a lot of other project for the wedding in about six months time, I asked my grandma to crochet these for us.

My grandma is so sweet and graciously agreed. I found some free patterns online and gave them to my grandma along with ribbon in our wedding colors. I think she actually had all of the crochet cotton she need already, as many of her friends would give her balls that they no longer wanted, and bookmarks take so little material. My grandma is so fast at crocheting that she said she just did a few each evening and was done with the entire 200 in no time.

This was another really inexpensive wedding favor that can be easily customized to fit the style of your wedding. Crochet pattern central has a lot of bookmark patterns for free, and many other site to as well. The materials to make the bookmarks can be purchased very inexpensively, especially if you watch for the frequent sales and coupons that crafting and hobby store usually offer. Picking patterns and colors that go along with the rest of your wedding can make this wedding favor uniquely yours and give guests something both beautiful and useful to remember your wedding by.

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