Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Fridays: Our Ever Changing "Routine"

We always enjoy a good book
This was Nate's first week off of classes for winter break. We have been enjoying a little extra time together, but are working on extra projects too. So some of our daily routines are changing, but some are staying the same.

One of the most consistent routines we have right now is our "Morning Routine." Every morning the boys wake up and ask for granola. They apparently need granola to be civil in the morning. Even if I am planning on making pancakes or hash browns they feel they need to have at least a little granola to start the day off right. Now both boys can get their own bowl and spoon, which is helpful.

While their eating their granola, I usually read a chapter of the Word and a couple of its stories to them. We also practice their memory verses and do a few English and Chinese flashcards. Then the boys take their bowls to the sink and run off to play. Then I clean up the granola mess.

January Unit Study Fun
The middle of our days are the most varied right now, changing a lot from day to day. Sometimes we do snack and school later, sometimes we do extra unit study activities for the month, and sometimes we just work and play together as a family. The boys have been playing a lot more jump-on-Daddy games lately.

We also have a pretty consistent "Evening Routine" before bed that is working pretty well for us now. First, we set a fifteen minute timer, and the boys pick up the toys, while mom and dad work on cleaning up anything else that needs attention before bedtime. It was taking the boys a really long time to pick up their toys, until we started setting the timer. Aaron is old enough now that he understands the concept really well and he loves beating the clock. It has become like a video game to him. Who needs a Wii?

Apple pie in July
After things are back in general order, if we have beaten the clock, we have a small treat while Daddy reads the Word to the family. We've found that saving dessert until later and using it as a reward for picking up (and as something to do quietly while daddy is reading) to work really well for us right now. After we're done reading, the boys run their dishes to the sink and then run around the apartment a few times playing games with Daddy to burn off any sugar energy they've ingested

Getting ready for bed, Christmas Eve
Then we settle back down again, brush teeth, and get ready for bed. Then we all cuddle together in our bed and sing and pray together. It's a sweet way to wind down and spend time together.

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