Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Fridays: Helpful Hands

Grating ’tatoes
Aaron and Andrew are getting to be really useful boys around the house. Lately, they have been able to learn how to help even more, and (most of the time) they really like helping mom and dad with little jobs. Both boys have gotten into SuperTuxKart (the Linux penguin racing game), and Aaron in particular wants to race at everything now. This is helping finish his jobs much quicker, especially if we set the timer like when we pick up toys at the end of the night.

There are lots of other little jobs they can help with now too. Together, they can set the table and clear dishes. They can help Dad wipe the moisture off of the windows in the morning to keep it from getting too humid in here. Both boys can help stack cloth diaper wipes into pretty neat piles now, and Aaron is even able to fold simple things like cloth diapers and handkerchiefs. Aaron is also really good at hanging up small things like handkerchiefs, socks, and underwear on our clip hangers so I can hang them out to dry on the line.

Probably their favorite thing to help with though is cooking. They love to help me bake up a treat or get a meal they like ready. Aaron could almost make eggs by himself now, except for getting the eggs out of the high refrigerator, and turning on the stove (which he isn't allowed to do). He already knows all of the steps though.

Clipping up the laundry
None of us are always thrilled about any of these chores—we're all human and get tired and grumpy or would just rather be doing something more fun. I and my boys are no exception. But I am thankful that for the most part they genuinely do want to help us. Sometimes we reward their helpfulness by doing something fun right afterwards, letting them know that if they don't help us do the things we have to do, we won't have enough time left to play. I really hope that if we keep working together as a family and rewarding them with fun times (like reading storybooks, playing, or eating something we've made) that they'll keep some of the desire to help us as they get older and even more useful.

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