Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year Themed Preschool Activity: Window Decorations Coloring

The boys received window crayons and markers for Christmas, and I think they are a really cool way to practice coloring and writing in a new and interesting way. And all you have to do to take down these decorations is wipe them off.

To help the boys learn about the different decorations and symbols used to celebrate Chinese New Year (known here as Spring Festival), I let the boys color some window decorations of their own. Red lanterns, red tassels, and the animal (2012 is the year of the dragon) to represent the new year are traditional decorations of this festival.

To do this activity, I just outlined some lanterns on the window one day and a dragon/dinosaur another day. Then I gave the boys each a yellow and red marker or crayon and let them color away. Decorations for Spring Festival are traditionally red and yellow. At the end of the day, we just washed the window off with vinegar water window cleaner, and we have a fresh canvas for new drawings.

We are talking to our boys about what these decorations traditionally mean here, and I think this is another easy activity to aid this discussion.

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  1. I love the window decorations! How cool! The boys look like they are having a fun time coloring too.


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