Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year Themed Preschool Activity: Animal, Characters, and Words Memory Game (Free Printable)

This month, we're learning about Chinese New Year. This is a different twist on the Chinese Animal Memory Game. For this activity, I also used the Chinese Zodiac Memory Game from here, which is basically just the pictures of twelve animals that correspond to the Chinese calendar. I also made Chinese character cards and English word cards for this activity. I made free printable cards with English words, Chinese characters and pinyin, and different combinations of the three to make it easier for anyone else who wanted to do this activity. They are available to you in A4 size and traditional Letter size PDFs. Your could just use this for an animal themed activity as well and take out any animals you don't want or need.

You can do this activity so many ways. Just choose which items you want to match (pictures to pictures, pictures to characters, characters to characters, characters to English, etc.), print off the sheets you want, and play as a normal memory game.You could print these on regular paper and tape them onto cardboard like I did here, or you could simple print all of the sheets you want on cardstock that is thick and colorful enough that you can't see through the backs.

The boys had fun with this activity. It was a little too hard for Andrew (2), but he liked trying. This was a better challenge for Aaron (3 1/2) than the first memory game, and he learned four characters that he didn't know when we started in about 10 minutes. We'll have to do more of this type of game to help him learn more characters. I think with using the English card set only, this would be good practice for a child still learning to read English animal names as well.

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