Sunday, November 24, 2013

Giving Thanks Because He is Good

This week I am going along with our Thanksgiving book, The Thanks Giving Tree: Seeing Blessings Everywhere, and taking a moment to share things that I personally am thankful for.

  1. Grace.
  2. Forgiveness.
  3. His patience with me.
  4. That I am not actually in control, even though far to often I try to be.
  5. Infinite love.
  6. Inconceivably vast universe.
  7. Unbelievably tiny cells, microorganisms, atoms, and still smaller parts that make up this tiny things.
  8. Majestic mountains, shifting sand, grand sequoias, and delicate roses, all beautiful in their own way.
  9. How this well designed everything works together amazingly well almost all of the time.
  10. Ever watchful care.

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