Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks for Enough.

This week I am going along with our Thanksgiving book, The Thanks Giving Tree: Seeing Blessings Everywhere, and taking a moment to share things that I personally am thankful for.

I actually have more than enough of all of these things, even if sometimes it feels like I don't, or that I barely have enough.

  1. Love, always enough love, sometimes I forget to show it enough.
  2. Food, we may not always eat as much cheese as we'd like, but truly we've never even come close to going hungry.
  3. Time, sometimes it feels like the day goes so fast that I didn't get anything done, but I have been given enough time for everything that I am supposed to do. Sometimes all that is, is very basic food, laundry, diapers, potty runs, and hugs, but it is still enough.
  4. Room, our apartment isn't large, but it is plenty.
  5. Warm clothes, we might not be the trendiest, and sometimes it seems like the baby explodes his diapers and the little boys dirty all of their clothes before we finished the last load of laundry, but we all have nice warm clothes.
  6. Transportation, by foot or by bike, by bus or by train, sometimes it looks different getting around here, but it works.
  7. Kitchen, perhaps our kitchen should be named the little kitchen that could, but I don't know if anyone has ever gotten more value out of a used toaster oven and two hot plates than we have.
  8. Warmth, sometimes we miss central heat, but will live in a very mild climate overall,  we have a space heater to heat up a room, lots of warm clothes and blanket,and lots of little boys to cuddle with.
  9. Technology, we don't have the best of anything technology wise, except for systems administrator, he (my husband) gets our low end gadgets to preform well above their normal capabilities.
  10. Health, we are so thankful to be so healthy most of the time, especially when many people get sick here frequently.
  11. Cleanliness, sometimes I wish the house would stay cleaner longer, but three little boys and all of us home much  of the time, the house is clean is enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

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