Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Scrappy Christmas Tree

Our first Christmas after moving halfway around the world two years ago, I made this little scrappy Christmas tree. We think it is cute and it has served us well.

I know it is probably not everyone's choice for a living room tree, nothing is quite like a real tree after all. But if you had an area that you wanted to include a special little tree, this might make a nice addition to your holiday decor. If you had your own sewing or craft room this would be especially adorable in there. Or for a child who really would like their own Christmas tree in their room.

To make it I used the same methods as I did to make these three pumpkins to make each section of the tree. I used all different material from various old clothing I upcycled. This varied the texture of the tree a lot, but you could use all one kind of material in different colors or prints, or even the same material for the entire tree if you wanted.

Once I made six sections in progressively smaller sizes, I whip-stitched them together in between the sections so you wouldn't see the stitching.

I sewed buttons all over so that we could hang ornaments on the tree. And I sewed a fabric star in top to finish it off. I sat in on a painted ice cream container for a trunk (you could totally use a cute hatbox)
, and let my boys hang ornaments on it.

I gave them hot chocolate and cookies as we decorated the tree as well. Because my mom always did and some family Christmas traditions should be continued, even if you are thousands of miles away from your passport country and your Christmas tree is a bit different.

 Looking for Christmas ornaments you can make yourself?

DIY Beaded Ornaments


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