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Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Fridays: 35 Weeks (Pregnancy Update)

I am doing fine and have no real health problems, but I am definitely getting to the part of the pregnancy where I am big and slow. I can still do most things just fine, but slower. Nate and the boys have been helping me with even more things around the house again. On the upside, I haven't felt nauseous for quite a while.

I had a prenatal visit today and everything was fine and boring, which is actually a really good thing at this point. The only funny thing was that they told me my baby was too active, so I should sleep on my left side. Sleeping on the left side is the best for blood flow, and the baby doesn't like it when I lay on my back like at the prenatal visit, so it gets mad and starts kicking. However, I'm not sure a baby could really be too active or that laying on the left side will make it less so. Oh well, at least someone is small and fast, even if it isn't me.

We also pretty much finished up getting ready for baby this week. I finished stocking the freezer. Some friends came over to find out all they needed to know to watch the boys during D-day. I finished up sewing some new cloth diapers, wipes, and small covers for the new baby. And we picked up disposable diapers, special snacks, and the last few other things we'll all need around D-day. I'm glad because I really wanted to be basically ready before my husband heads back to classes next week. We'll all be really glad to meet the new baby on the outside in a few weeks.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Fridays: 33 Weeks (Pregnancy Update)

I went for another prenatal check up this week and everything is still going along fine. The baby has been head down for at least ten weeks now, so there is no reason to think it might flip into a bad position at this point. Having baby head down at this point is always good news.

We've been getting ready for baby around here.  I've been doing lots of sewing for the new baby. All of our tiny baby clothes are still in America, you're not supposed to ship used clothing here, and all of the newborn and first month size clothes that I've seen here are crotchless, so I decided it would just be easiest to make some new 0-3 stuff for this baby. I may do a separate post later about sewing baby clothes, but I feel better now that I have a first wardrobe ready for this this new little one.

Also during our cooking camp week and throughout this summer break I've been stocking our freezer for after the baby. We don't have a huge amount of freezer space, but I do have a few meals and quick breads ready to go and am almost done with that project as well.

I still need to make small diaper covers and more new cloth diapers and wipes if I get time, but we're getting close to being ready for baby. :)

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Fridays: 30 Weeks (Pregnancy Update)

Wow. It's the end of July and I'm about 3/4 through this pregnancy already. Not too much going on at this point. I am feeling OK most of the time, just big and tired. :) The last prenatal checkup was fine, and I was glad my blood sugar is fine too. I am still going to gradually decrease my sugar and simple carb intake as I getting closer to the due date, because my first too boys were so big, but at least it seems like this won't be a big deal.

This baby is very active and seems to be quite tall and have big feet. At least that's how it feels when it is doing gymnastics ans kicking me. The boys really like playing games with the baby where the baby will kick their hands. They even invented a new game where they place a ball on my bellybutton and the baby wiggles or kicks it right off my tummy. I think they'll have even more fun together once the baby is on the outside.

Starting to get ready for baby with some sewing projects that I might share more about later. Also we defrosted the freezer, so now I can start to stock it with some things for after the birth.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

25 Week Pregnancy Update {with belly pic}

This pregnancy is flying by much faster than my first two. Not a whole lot going on right now. I'm feeling pretty good overall, although I do get tired easily. This baby is very active and is a busy, busy baby. One cool thing is that Aaron has already been able to play with the new baby a little already. He'll push gently on my tummy and if the baby's in the right mood, it will kick his hand back. Aaron loves it!

I did remember to take belly pictures this week from the front and side, so I figured I post them, even though there isn't a whole lot else to tell. A friend of mine who has only seen pictures of me kindly remarked that I don't look that pregnant. Maybe not from the front with the right shirt, but from the side definitely. And I've probably already grown more since this pic, after all of our eating for Aaron's birthday yesterday. :)

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Fridays: Medical Records

This week we successfully obtained a medical record book for the new baby's delivery. Apparently in China, or at least in this city, you are required to get a medical record book for a baby at the official hospital in the district in which you live and are registered in. If you don't wish to deliver at this particular hospital, you still have to go there to obtain the record book for the hospital you are using to write in. This took me no less than three trips to two hospitals, and the help of one very wonderful Chinese friend, but we finally had success.

This is because they required additional tests to issue me the record book. For some reason kidney and liver function tests are required, as well as a very recent ultrasound. Of course everything came back fine and we are happy we now have the proper record book. We are also very thankful that the biggest "problems" with this pregnancy so far are simply paperwork related and some minor discomforts that won't effect the baby's or my own health at all in the long run.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Fridays: Big Head Baby

23 weeks pregnant
I went for a prenatal check up today, and everything is looking good. They did another ultrasound this time. They actually let me see the screen a little bit too this time, so that was cool.

The baby was curled up so the face was not visible, but they commented that the baby had a big head and would be very intelligent. According to the measurement on the ultrasound report the head is actually not on the large side according to charts I've seen, but perhaps for here, it is. It's nice to know people are already convinced this is going to be a smart baby.

Hopefully its head doesn't get too big until it is on the outside though. :)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Fridays: Baby Number 3

So, we officially moved to our new apartment last weekend and have been really busy with the moving process. I'll post pictures of the new place and tell more about moving once we are a little more settled in.

But we have some even bigger news that we're ready to announce now, we're expecting baby number 3, due early October! I'm nearing the end of my first trimester, and my first prenatal appointment at a Chinese hospital went well. My Chinese friend who went with me is convinced that baby number 3 has exactly the same profile as Nate and the boys. Some strong family traits shining through, I guess. I was also slightly relieved to learn that Aaron's wish for thirteen brothers and sisters to be inside my tummy at once didn't come true, and there is just one healthy baby inside.

The baby and I are very healthy. I have been having some nausea and fatigue, but I am not as nauseous as with Aaron and not as tired as with Andrew, so overall this pregnancy has been the easiest. I wouldn't have chosen to have to move during my first trimester, but at least it was a close and convenient move.

Aaron and even Andrew have been helping more and more around the house. Aaron can hang up a whole load of diapers by himself pretty quickly now, and he takes his role in helping me make sure we don't run out of clean diapers or clean underwear very seriously. He is also realizing that the more he helps me out the more likely it is that I will have enough energy to be able to make some sort of "extra" food, like dessert or ranch dressing, or be able to read or play with him more. Andrew can set the table and help get me an orange or banana if I'm feeling sick. Having some extra little helpers this time is making the pregnancy easier for me and Nate as well, who also helps out even more around the house when I'm not feeling the best.


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