Monday, August 3, 2015

Present: How one woman pulled the plug on distraction to connect with Real Life (A Book Review)

I was so pleased to be given a copy of this book for review. I have long enjoyed Keri Mae's blog, and I loved being able to read more of her story.

My life is very different for Keri Mae's, and I would guess I actually use the internet more and that I rely on it more for relationship cultivating (for talking to friends and family back in the states), and honestly I see that sometimes other things  (hmmm....... sometimes even DIY projects perhaps) as bigger distractions to my true priorities. But I loved being inspired by her journey to simplicity, quietness, true connection, and being Present in her life.

One of my favorite parts in the book is where Keri Mae decided she  was tired of how media over-consumption was causing her to skim through life, and she desired full cream instead. This book makes me continue to desire a life of full cream as well. Her message is such a great reminder to "choose the best and leave the rest" for a truly fulfilling life.

And like great french cuisine this book is very rich, but has small portions. I appreciate the author's ability to be inspiring, but brief, and avoid packing the book with extra fluff.

The one thing this book is doesn't have a strong emphasis on is step by step "how to unplug" type information. This is a memoir style book, not a formula, so if all you are looking for is simple action steps this book may not be for you. However,  I personally loved the memoir style without "how to"s mixed in and Keri Mae is going to offer a journal to accompany the book. If you purchase the book through Amazon on August 4th, she will send you the ejournal free.

I love how the author's "decluttering" of her life made room for more peace, stillness, and time with those most important to her. I think that is what many people are searching for in our busy era.

You can purchase Present on Amazon or visit Keri Mae for more information on her book launch at her blog here.

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