Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frugal Family Fun: Defrosting the Freezer and a Snowball Fight in July

So one of the things I wanted to get done this summer is defrosting the freezer. We hadn't defrosted the freezer completely since we got it a year and a half ago and it really needed to be done. This doesn't really seem like a fun family activity until my brilliant husband thought we shouldn't waste the sink full of soft chunks of ice (we hate to throw anything away) and that we should let the boys have a snowball fight with it. What great free fun we had.

So we all put on hats and gloves and headed outside into the light rain. We had a great snowball fight here in Kunming in the middle of July, where it rarely ever snows even in the winter. However, it does give new meaning to their saying here, "It's winter when it rains."

How to keep cool at 29 weeks pregnant

No idea why the neighbors recently put a toilet in the bushes.
I don't think anyone has used it yet thankfully.

Got to go fast!


  1. Brand new follower! I found your blog while searching for DIY frozen yogurt recipe. Do you mind if I repost your recipe and link back to your post?

  2. If you link back to my post, sure go ahead! Glad you liked the recipe. :)

  3. Thank you!!! I'll let you know when I share your recipe.

  4. What fun! How creative! Looks like the boys had a blast! Love, Grandma Mary


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