Friday, June 15, 2012

Family Fridays: Medical Records

This week we successfully obtained a medical record book for the new baby's delivery. Apparently in China, or at least in this city, you are required to get a medical record book for a baby at the official hospital in the district in which you live and are registered in. If you don't wish to deliver at this particular hospital, you still have to go there to obtain the record book for the hospital you are using to write in. This took me no less than three trips to two hospitals, and the help of one very wonderful Chinese friend, but we finally had success.

This is because they required additional tests to issue me the record book. For some reason kidney and liver function tests are required, as well as a very recent ultrasound. Of course everything came back fine and we are happy we now have the proper record book. We are also very thankful that the biggest "problems" with this pregnancy so far are simply paperwork related and some minor discomforts that won't effect the baby's or my own health at all in the long run.

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  1. Anna - It's interesting to read about your pregnancy experience while in China. I look forward to more!



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