Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Fridays: Potty Training Week 2

Certainly potty training can be an exhausting at times for moms and dads, but apparently Andrew is feeling a bit of fatigue due to the process as well. Yes, he did fall asleep on the potty. No, I didn't know that was possible for a two-year-old to do that either. Yes, Nate just had to get a picture to show me before he took him off and put him to bed. And no, he actually wasn't on the potty very long at all this time either.

Andrew is continuing to prove that no two children are alike in this area. He has been dry every night and almost every nap since we have started this process. He has had far fewer accidents and tells us that he wants to go to the potty much more often than his older brother did. But he still doesn't really completely understand what is going on and it will still take a long time for him to go on the potty sometimes. Although it has been an hour or less this past week so that is progress.

Andrew has also managed to pee on me once so far. He brother did this a few times during potty training too. However, the difference between these two in this instance is Aaron was sitting on my lap, and Andrew was sitting on the potty. Not completely sure what happened with that one either, but all of a sudden my back was wet while I was trying to put a video on for him. At least he was really fast that time.

He is definitely making progress though, and he no longer even likes to go in his diapers, even if we put one on him to go out, so I think we're going to be continuing our adventure. At least we'll have some good laughs later, and anyone else reading this might have a few now.

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