Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Fridays; Potty Training Adventures

Watching videos on his throne
Since I've been feeling a bit better lately, and we really would like to have Andrew potty trained by the time the new baby arrives in the Fall, we decided it was time to start that process again. So Andrew has been spending lots of time on the potty this week.

It did take a while for Aaron to get the hang of this process too, so I am prepared for this to take a little bit. However, Andrew has definitely surprised me with what part of this process is most challenging in training him. Has anyone else ever heard of a two-year-old sitting on a potty for more than 7 hours before going potty? Or after 12+ hours of staying dry at night still sitting on the potty for more than an hour and a half before going? That is more than 13½ hours total of not going to the bathroom!

I had no idea it was possible for a little one to hold it so long, especially since we've been giving him extra water, juice, and lemonade to encourage him to go more often. Instead he is determined stubborn enough to hold it much longer than usual. He has been dry all night, every night since we started this process, and we have had to take him off of the potty quite a few times so the rest of us can use the potty. This of course then sometimes results in accidents once he is off and playing.

With it taking him so long to go, we've been letting him watch videos on the potty to keep him entertained long enough to actually catch him going. But this can still be a challenge, if you can't spend say 7 hours or more straight in the bathroom.

I'm hoping this great bladder control is actually going turn into an asset once he figures out what he is supposed to be doing. The last couple of days he has actually been asking for diaper changes before he wets his undies, so this is definite progress, but then it still takes him a long time to go on the potty. We'll see if he keeps making progress over the next couple of weeks, or if we need to wait a little bit with the potty training.

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