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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Train Themed Preschool Activity: Numbers or Ten Commandment Train

We're having a lot of fun with our train themed preschool activities this month. Trains are a great tool to help teach young boys about sequencing things correctly. We also did fun alphabet train activities that used these same methods. You could apply this idea to other things you want them to learn in a sequential order as well.

Ten Commandments or Numbers Train

  • Ten commandments train printed out and cut apart (or numbers written on flashcards and an picture of an engine)
Have the child arrange the numbers in the correct order; offer help as needed. Once they get all of the numbers in the correct order, they can put the engine at the end to pull the train!

Numbers Train Writing Practice

I thought these cute worksheets were a nice addition to our train themed reusable preschool book. Aaron and Andrew can write on them over and over again.


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