Friday, October 18, 2013

Sweetest Holiday Preschool Activity: Play Dough Love Letters

If you want to do a really simple preschool activity for Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day, or any other lovely holiday, consider making play dough love letters. You only really need play dough (homemade or store bought) for this activity and you can easily customize it to many kids ability levels.

All the kids will get some exposure to written letters and words and have some fun in the process. this is a great multisensory activity for reading and writing. A visual, kinesthetic, and tactile experience that also helps build hand muscle strength through working with the play dough.

If you really want to thrill the kids and turn this activity into snack time as well, you could use edible chocolate play dough!

Sweetest Day or Valentine's Day Preschool Activity: Play Dough Love Letters

  • Play dough (homemade or store bought)
  • Rolling pins, cookie cutters, plastic knifes or scissors, chopsticks, etc. (totally optional)
Give each child a lump of play dough and whatever instructions you want them to follow.

The youngest children who can't really follow instructions yet can play with play dough in festive holiday colors.

Young children can try to make hearts or single letters. My second born age three at the time could do this quite well.

Older children can spell out entire words or phrases. You can write them on a blackboard or magnetic writer for them to copy if they are still learning how to spell. My firstborn son who was four at the time really got into this activity and kept wanting to spell longer and longer words!

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