Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alexander at One Month

Alexander is already one month old already. Amazing!

Here in China, at one month the baby can finally come out of the house. Sorry, but we already had to take him over a thousand miles by train, the trip ending on his one month birthday.

Don't worry though, he is a sturdy healthy chap, weighing in at 11.5 pounds and measuring 22.75 inches already at one month.

He is a very easy going baby most of the time. He already smiles and returns smiles occasionally. He loves to look at faces and can track them well, especially mommy's face. To look at mommy he will contort his whole body and almost double over backwards. Too funny.

We call him by the full name Alexander, not shortening it to a nickname. In fact on his Chinese birth certificate that is the only name that is on there, Alexander, and it just barely fits. But we've applied for his American paperwork so he can officially have middle and last names too.

Right now his hair is brown and his eyes are blue. We wonder if either of these will change. The 1 foot 10 inch height listed on his passport already has slightly. :)

We're so thankful Alexander is in our family.

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