Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Easter Decorations: Simple Cross Tree

This is another super simple Easter decoration, very similar to our Cross Garland.

My boys love decorating a "tree" for any and every holiday they can, and I thought this was another fun way to point to the reason we celebrate Easter.

I love finding ways to involve my boys in holiday preparations and they love all kinds of crafts and projects, so we had fun making the paper crosses together.

I cut out and hole punched the crosses, and the boys decorated the crosses with stamps and markers, just as we did here. You could also paint, add glitter, add stickers, or decorate paper trees in many other ways.

Once the colorful paper crosses were complete, I threaded a loop of white thread through the top hole and tied it to make it easy for my boys to hang. The boys then hung the crosses and some small fake gems on the bouquet of sticks we arranged in the vase.

Simple, easy, beautiful.

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