Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alexander at 8 Months

Alexander is a busy, busy baby now. He's up, down, all over, and into everything. He loves being able to move though and all of the activity has him napping better again, so that is good.

At 8 months Alexander:

  • Is 20 pounds and 30 inches
  • Is wearing 12-18 month clothes
  • Can say Mamma and Dadda
  • Loves eggs and sweet potatoes and bangs on his tray for more (hasn't caught onto any actual sign language yet, but definitely wants to communicate)
  • Pulls himself up on all kinds of furniture
  • Cruises around the couches and even transfers from one piece of furniture to another with relative ease
  • Thinks he should be able to do everything his brothers can do
  • Still scoots around on his tummy really fast (although just today I saw him do a tiny bit of real crawling, so maybe that will catch on soon
  • Can be very focused and have a good attention span if we're interacting with him
  • But won't sit still if he isn't being held or strapped into a seat, so he still can not sit steadily by himself
  • Has a great smile and laugh and is already developing his own little sense of humor


  1. Awesome flying baby picture!

    1. Thanks! I thought Nate did a good job with superbaby. :)

  2. Great pictures! How adorable! Love the flying baby picture, too!


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