Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Fridays: The Queen's Doing Dishes and Mr. Lincoln Is Doing Laundry

Mr. Lincoln
Lately Aaron and Andrew have been obsessed with Reader Rabbit 1st grade. When they are not playing the game on the computer, they are often pretending to be Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion. They even gave the rest of us roles in their fantasy world as well. Daddy is Ivan the Inventor. Alexander is Fluffy, the dog who eats all the time. And because I'm the only girl around here, I get to be Queen Cumulus, queen of the cloud world.

So one night while I'm doing dishes, Andrew (3 years old) comes running up to me asking, "Queen, Queen, what are you doing."

"Um, I'm doing dishes."

"Queen, Queen, why are you doing dishes?'

"Because the dishes are dirty."

"Queen, Queen, why are the dishes dirty," as he runs off.

Um, the King is working and our subjects are too small to wash breakable objects and knives?

Then later after we made our president's masks, the boys started pretending to be Washington and Lincoln all the time. So one day when I told Andrew it was time to help with the laundry he said, "No, I am Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln is going to do the Laundry."

Fine. I guess as long as the laundry gets done it doesn't matter if Mr. Lincoln does it.

And Mr. Lincoln did a good job with the laundry.

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