Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY Manly Ring Bearer Pillow: Handcrafted Ring Pillow in the Style of the Groomsmen Suits

It has been quite a while since I've done a wedding related post, but I thought today I'd try to share about another thing we did in our wedding that was rather unique. When looking at ideas for ring pillows, I kept thinking how girly they all looked for a boy to carry. So I designed my own "manly" version keeping it in the style of the clothes the groomsmen were to wear.

The main part of the pillow is black. I actually made it out of the scraps from hemming the new suit we bought for my husband, but any sturdy black fabric would do. I then made a white band of fabric to go around the square black pillow. I used scraps of white satin from sewing my dress, but plain white cotton would also work. I sewed the white band onto the pillow at the edges, so the ring bearer could slip his hand under the back of the band to hold it easily. I also sewed on a small white button to make the white more resemble a shirt. Lastly, I created a silver satin tie like those the groomsmen would wear and sewed it on top with a silver ribbon to hold the rings. Of course you can easily customize this idea to match any style of groomsmen clothing for your own wedding. I am sure a traditional tux ring pillow would be really cute as well, no matter what the groomsmen were wearing.

I was quite happy with how the ring pillow turned out, and our ring bearer looked very handsome (although he would have been handsome no matter what the ring pillow looked like).

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