Friday, December 7, 2012

Alexander at Two Months

As a kid I could never figure out why my parents and especially grandparents were always saying that time flies so fast, but with each child we have time seems to speed up a little bit more.

Here are some random fun facts about Alexander who is somehow already 2 months old.

  • He is over 13 pounds already and growing into 6 month clothing
  • He is quite strong, holds his head up well, can push his head up when on his tummy, and loves to practice standing
  • If he gets mad enough he has successfully rolled over on a slant and scooted forwards and backwards so we have to watch him
  • He likes to coo and can make a lot of sounds already
  • He is really good at tracking things visually and has a really long attention span for such a tiny guy
  • He is so good when Chinese people hold him, he smiles a lot and seems to enjoy it a lot right now :)
  • His brothers (and everyone else) love him soooooo much  
Since Aaron (our first) was an early talker, and Andrew (our second) was a very early walker, it will be interesting to see what Alexander's strengths are as he continues to develop. Right now it seems like either verbal or motor skills could be his strong suit. It seems like he wants to do everything at once to either catch up to his older brothers, beat them at something, or be able to talk back or run away from them when they are loud and too loving.

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