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Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Fridays: Family Hike

Edge of Kunming
We really appreciate a lot of the conveniences available to us in this big city of Kunming. The ability to get dairy, whole grains, and clean chicken (without having to kill it myself) is truly appreciated. But at heart, we are not really city people, so sometimes we like to escape to nature. God's beautiful creation is so refreshing.

So Thursday we decided to do just that. We walked quite a ways to get to the edge of the city. Kunming is basically in a bowl of hills and mountains. It is very beautiful. Whenever you get to the edge of the city, you pretty much hit a hill or a mountain. So after walking to the edge of town we started going up, up, up.

Nate and Aaron had taken a bus part of the way before and done a little exploring to find a nice path so we started walking up the road. We walking past a temple and heard some chanting. Walked past a few more buildings to the much smaller walking path. A lot of it was paved, but it had a lot of steps. Nate had his work cut out for him with the stroller, and I carried Andrew part of the way.

Easy flat part of the path
I am amazed had how much of the trail that the little boys actually walked themselves. Aaron walked the whole trail by himself, holding onto a parent's hand when it was a little dangerous. And Andrew walked all of the flat parts holding onto my hand and a lot of the steps. He allowed me to carry him some of the way up, but insisted on walking almost the entire way down himself.

Andrew doing it by himself
Of course they had been riding in the stroller all the way up to the path, and back through town as well. So they still didn't have nearly as much walking as we did, and they still had plenty of energy to run around when we got home.

Mommy and Andrew
It was a fun afternoon in the woods. The boy really like hiking in the hills. Aaron and Nate went a little further up and got some more pine cones for us to use for crafts. Aaron is really excited about making something with the pine cones. And yes we did check everyone over really well for any bugs. None to be found.
Daddy and Aaron
Looking back at Kunming


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