Monday, August 12, 2013

Alexander at 10 Months

At 10 months Alexander:

  • Is 22.75 pounds and 30.75 inches
  • Wears 12-24 month clothes
  • Loves to be a part of everything, even trying to "help" with chores
  • Is a chatterbox who loves to babble constantly
  • Says mama, dada, nigh-nigh (night-night)
  • Waves hi and bye, signs milk, more, and occasionally diaper
  • Gets himself into and out of sitting position easily, so it is more fun for him to play sitting for a couple of minutes
  • Loves to eat pretty much everything. In one meal he can eat a whole egg or banana or piece of pizza.
  • Is doing a little better about not constantly getting into everything 
  • is getting better at entertaining himself/playing by himself for a little bit
  • Loves to learn
  • Loves attention and affection, will come up to us just to give a hug and kiss

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