Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Nail Monogram Ornaments

I've been making some new Easter decor this year, and these nail monogram ornaments are one of my favorite additions. I used them to mark our hanging Easter baskets, but they would look great on an Easter tree as well.

These ornaments are so easy to make they hardly need a tutorial, but just in case, here it is anyway.

DIY Nail Monogram Ornaments

  • Nails
  • Wire (I used green florist wire, because it is what I had on hand, but I imagine wire that matched your nails would look even better)
  • Pliers and/or wire cutter
  • Thread, string, twine, leather, or more wire to hang ornament
  1. Arrange your nails to look like desired letter. 
  2. Cut short lengths of wire and twist around points where the mails meet.
  3. Create a loop to hang your ornament and attach.
Hang up, enjoy, and reflect on the reason for celebrating Easter.

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